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Hello! My name is Liudas.

Do you want to see the Baikal from the rocky southwestern coast, from sandy beaches of the southeast or from two-kilometer height of mountain top?

 I invite  cheerful people who are able to live in tent,  to prepare food on a fire, to wash by cold water.

  I have a wide experience of organization  travels. My task is to pick up the suitable participants, to organize transport, household conditions and safety.

The scheme of routes and roads

  1. Campaign on Munku Sardyk:  
    7 days, 700 km - auto, 80 km - foot. I plan two trips: 10 April  and 5 May
    Acclimatization, ascention, driving on a ski, spring sunburn, mineral sources and other... 
  2. Route lengthways Baikal:
     7 days, 600 km by machines, 50 km on foot.
    Irkutsk, Kultuk, Sludianka, Baikalsk-siti, peak Talzinskiy, Ambassadorial rubbish, mouth Selenga, Ulan-Ude - Airport 
  3. On an island Olchon:
     7 days, 800 km by machines, 20 km on foot.
    Angarsk, Ust-Orda, Small Sea, Sarma, Island Olchon, bay "Australia", Grotto "Dream" and back, through Listvianka and Irkutsk 
  4. Having united the second and third routes, you will see the most part of Baikal.
    15 days, ~2000 km by machines, ~80 km on foot. I plan to make 5-6 trips, since May 20 till September 15
  5. East Sayan
    10-15 days, 700 km - auto + 130 km - foot.
    These young mountains have narrow valleys and sharp tops. Anywhere I did not meet such pure rivers and mountain lakes, generous taiga, such fluffy and fragrant carpet from glues and herbs! I can lead you deep into East Sayan to medical to sources. In passing we shall collect gold (How many can carry away :-), and main - we shall correct health.

The brief descriptions

Munku Sardyk

It is highest top East Sayan, - 3495 meter above a sea level. Through Its top there passes state border of Russia - Mongolia. For those who owns a ski, will deliver pleasure To pass from bottom of top up to base on an arrow White and Blec Irkut. The way, on foot for day, is passed less than in one hour! Especially impresses a canyon. On a way is collected medical herbs, we call in on mineral sources in "Pearls" and on Arshan. 

(Look Cinema, read The stories)

The small sea

Between largest of islands of Baikal and continent there is a wide and superficial strait - Small Sea. It all is cut up by cosy bays and gulfs. The rocky coast are covered with a wood, water in gulfs gets warm by the bright years sun, it is possible to bathe, Sunburn, fishing. Somewhere patron of the hunters, fishermen and surfers here lives грозный spirit Burchan. It can present clear solar weather, and the gale-force wind can to send Sarma - Bewitches a relief of this district, Naked hills and сопки with outputs of rocks. The round contours Olchon and other islands cast rest and pacification.

Island Olchon.

The steppes take one half of island, wild taiga - another. Here there is a spiritual center by most ancient of religion - Shaman. Let's have a look in a cave, where the spirit of Baikal - Burchan lives. Not far there is a place, where thousand years were incinerated жертвенные animal. Let's mount in a mountain, on which one the sins are released. By the detected archeological finds, on Olchon the Man for the first time has saddled horses. There are hypotheses, what exactly here has arisen the Asian race and radical inhabitants of America, too from here it come. You will see amazing sandy beaches and salty lakes, laying in the middle roads of the cows, wild horses. Let's try of local milk smelling as edelweisses...

Peak Talzinskij

This region on a coast of Baikal record on number of falling out precipitations (up to 2000mm per one year) Therefore it call " as Cold tropics ". Pleasure to take a walk on a virginal taiga, admiring jumbo trees. On the Alpine meadows a herb of above human growth and colours of unusual beauty. From top the wonderful view on of Baikal ambient mountains and apron plains opens. For winter settles out of two - mеter layers of snow. It thaws on northern declines up to middle of a summer.

Irkutsk ( One-day excursion.)

About Irkutsk is much told in the directories and tutorials of a history. It is possible to take a walk on old city, where the houses have sunk till window sills in ground, on a dam becoming first from Angara by hydroelectric power station, on quay of Angara, by bars and cafe. There is and Geographical a museum. And in an art museum it is possible to see the originals Famous of the Russian artists, and much another... It is necessary to visit museum - manor Dekabrists, given roots to rich culture of East Siberia. 

Listvianka ( One-day excursion.)

Angara - disobedient daughter of the old man of Baikal has run away to the friend to Yenisei in area Listvianka. Till now The scientists break heads, how it was possible to it? The young girl had to move apart coastal rocks... The force of love Is great! I offer in it to be convinced, having visited a source of the river of Angara and Lake museum with the alive eyewitnesses - By seals. Near Baikals, on a high coast of the man-made Irkutsk sea, is still one museum - Siberian Settlement. Here are assembled is exemplary - indicative At home, school and Churches from flooded by reservoirs Settlements. With all utensils and By property, only alas - without the inhabitants... A rather instructive show!

Appointment with Baikal

The majority of camp sites, existing on Baikal, have got to us in the inheritance from " of immemorial socialism ". Old "apartments" have decayed, new remind Shed. "Businessmen," dreaming of profits, most of all care of increase of "places". But in "Motel" it is possible to have a drink, to have a snack, to communicate with " by undesirable elements "   and To spoil the impressions... With the large pleasure I accept the people which are not trusting to similar "service", coming to strengthen health, To train, to fill vessels Epinephrine. I shall try to protect you from " of negative emotions " and I shall introduce to true values Pribaikal". During ten-fifteen days we should meet dawn and Evenings on coast of Baikal, to wander on a taiga and mountains.   From appointment with Baikal there should be only light memoirs!

The main quality of the participants - goodwill!

The marching experience will not prevent. Age and physical given to the special role do not play, we shall correct that and another :-) the Clothes should be sports, footwear - strong. Utensils, sleeping bags and Carpet - yours. Kitchen of an accessory and tent - mine.   "Advanced" bring own equipment (ski, board, and etc...) to "Teapots" we shall give to try on ours.

About Products:

Quantity of products I make on the checked up marching diet, "creatively" it modifying. A part of products I prepare beforehand, others - after meeting. In a road - перекусы, in a campaign we prepare, watch serially. SuperTasty I do not promise, but  the Buryat kitchen necessarily we shall try.

About the Price:

Cost of ten-day time travel - 300 $ in a rouble equivalent. It is transport, meal and my salary. In addition can some sum on telephone negotiation, cards, drinks and other souvenirs is required. Mutual understanding  - at the expense of the clients!

The author:

  • Jebrauskas Liudas - Russian+Lithuanian, is slightly married, approximately two children :-)
  • Formation - maximum, engineers - mechanics. 
  • The work - welder. The chief of laboratory.
  • Membership in clubs - Angarsk and Irkutsk clubs of the tourists.   Russian Geographical Organization.
  • Experiences - campaigns and expeditions of maximum categories of complexity and other... 
  • Have where Temporarily to stop in Angarsk, in Baikalsk, on Olchon and other places. 
  • A love rock-and-roll, the fried pel'meni with beer, Salwadore Dali, given also bea :-)

The intentions and wishes inform please beforehand, (approximately for one month), that I could orient, be prepared, generate groups. Mail I check not less often than time per one week.

I advise beforehand to make inoculations!

(The computer translation has turned out funny? I am sorry...
 Main to understand each other!!!)

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